Hard Face Welded Metal Bellows Seal

Gaddis Welded Metal Bellows

Mechanical Seal With Hard Faces

For Abrasive Dirty Service

* No external flushing       * No pressurizing systems

* No double seal        * No product contamination

* No filters or cyclone separators

  • Available In Component & Cartridge Assemblies
  • Special Designs To Retrofit OEM Glands, Sleeves & Cartridges
        Without Modifications
  • Custom Designed For Your Specific Application
  • Improved Performance With Lower Costs & Longer Seal Life

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    Gaddis, Inc. is not acting as an agent, distributor and/or representative for any other seal or equipment manufacturer and their affiliates and/or subsidiaries. All these seals are manufactured to Gaddis specifications and drawings. If properly in the same application, the Gaddis seals will perform as well as or better than the original manufacturer’s seals.